Orion Nebula - Center of the spacefaring people in our Galaxy

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(Excerpts from "The Buzz Andrews Story")


Earth's mankind originated from the scattered systems in the Pleiades, and migrated to Earth many millenia ago. Since then, our 'left behind' human relatives spread out all over the galaxy and other dimensional realms, as well. Their loosely-knit 'commonwealth' of the thousands of star systems in the various dimensions, is called the 'Interdimensional Federation of Free Worlds' (Federation, for short) and spans thirty-three vast sectors of the multidimensional Cosmos.

Sirius is 8.6 light years away, and is the brightest star in the night sky, found in the Constellation of the Dog - 'man's best friend'. Very accurate data on the double-star system of Sirius can be found in the mythology of the Babylonians, the Egyptians, and some surviving tribes in Africa. One primitive tribe even knew about the black dwarf star companion of Sirius (actually, a black hole, used for time travel and/or multidimensional transit routes), long before our modern astronomy found it with the most advanced instruments known. Robert Temple's book, The Sirius Mystery shows that people from Sirius came here in physical spaceships around 4500 B.C.; but, Temple's evidence could also indicate that methods of interstellar telepathy between the Sirius system and Earth had been discovered back then (facilitated through Egypt's Great Pyramid, too), and that many people have been tuning in on that telepathic channel ever since. Actually, both assumptions are true: there had been several physical visits, as well as the ongoing interstellar telepathic broadcasts. Sirius has been used as the Federation's transmission centre to us, intended to elevate us and prepare our world for the impending cosmic contact and consequent transformations. In their contacts with us over thousands of years, the Sirians and their associates have used the Eye of Horus insignia (eye in the triangle design).

Underwater bases in the Great Lakes from benevolent Federation forces

Hostile Aliens

The Dark Forces and their Earthling Illuminati servants keep passing themselves off as the 'good guys' from Sirius Centre. They do this to confuse then exploit, planting their evil teachings by twisted substitutes of original sirian transmissions - even using the Sirian insignia 'Eye of Horus' design. The Dark-Forces-run MIBs - the dreaded Men In Black - frequently use the classic triangle with an eye or a lightning bolt design in it, on the doors of their black Cadillacs.

The Dark Forces would also like us to believe that they are based in the Orion nebula; but, they merely came from there as the 'Fallen Ones', still hanging around those fringes. In actuality, Orion is the home for the Lords of the Light, and also for the 'Galactic Council', with Arcturus being used for midway station.

In our cosmic sector, the home base for the Dark Forces, and for the evil empire they rule (officially called the 'Imperial Alliance of Righteous Worlds'), is in Ursa Major, with Draconis being used for principal operation centre. In our solar system, they use planet Pluto for a way station, and the Moon's dark side for an Earth-access base - both places are in violation of the old agreement. The sizes of Earth-mission staffs for both the Federation and the Imperials are relatively small, with roles limited mostly to 'observing and reciprocal peace-keeping', in compliance with the statutes in the old (1908) Cease-Fire Agreement between the Federation (and all associating systems, like the Psycheans) and the Imperial Alliance (comprised of all the Opposition Forces). Rule bending is quite frequent on both sides, but hard to prove - especially with the totally-unscrupulous Opposition; yet, both sides try to avoid major violations, overt contacts with Earth and large-scale battlings, in fear of triggering a cosmic apocalypse. Obviously, a straight military takeover of planet Earth by the Empire is not advisable; therefore, conquest through subversion is the name of the Opposition's game, and is being carried on here, by proxy, through the MIBs, the Illuminati and other subordinates.

The Illuminati

The other subordinates are all the unscrupulous politicians and secret organizations, who appear to be acting for their own greedy ends; but, in reality, they are being used, through manipulation, by an overseer organisation called the 'Illuminati'. The Illuminati have always been aiming for maximum psychic pollution (through corruption and strife), and for chaos and mayhem - the necessary preconditions to establish a Socialist World Government, where everything and everybody would be owned and controlled by a dictatorial World State - run by the billionaire money barons and international bankers for the Illuminati. The Opposition wants to utilize Earth's badly-perverted psychic emanations (through powerful amplification) to disrupt and eventually conquer other systems in the Cosmos, as well.

Economic depressions, revolutions and wars are being engineered to break down social order by the Illuminati-manipulated Invisible Government. According to R. A. Wilson and others, this Invisible Government is staffed by members of the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations), Federal Reserve Board, Trilateral Commission, and the international Bilderberger group. The May 1976, Nogales, Arizona conference of an associated Group for World Government was headed by David Rockefeller, then presidential-advisor Brezinski, and assorted Soviet big shots. The question is: are the Rockefellers communist agents, or are the communists actually Rockefeller employees? Incidentally, while chairman of CFR, Rockefeller took a 'vacation' to Moscow in October of 1964; and, a few days later, Soviet premier Kruschev was recalled from his holiday to learn that be had been fired. Who can fire an absolute dictator? Or, did Rockefeller just fire a troublesome employee? (See the book, None dare it call conspiracy by Gary Allen).

To subvert law and morals and to control behaviour; media manipulation, political extremism, satanism, pornography, and even rock music is being widely used. Richard S. Shaver, in the May 1974. SF issue of the 'Alien Critic', warned of subversion by 'vibrations of quite paralyzing potency disguised as the latest rock sound'. Additionally, from outer space, strong negative vibrations and suggestions (causing fear, depression and violence) are being transmitted by the evil forces from the dark side of the Moon and beamed toward Earth with selective amplification by 'relay station' spaceships. In Satan's Assassins (1971), Brad Steiger explored the idea that behaviour control might have played a part in the disruptive riots and political assassinations of the 1960s (incidentally, numerous MIBs were spotted in Dealey Plaza at the time of JFK's fatal visit to Dallas).

Alleged Triangle UFO from Imperial Alliance 

The Men in Black

Men in Black are the Dark Force specialists of harrasament, intimidation, terror and murder. They may be either paid and/or coerced human agents, human government-employed dupes or expendable, brainwashed, bionically-manipulated human zombies. Sometimes, they are downright robots of alien origin, frequently 'doppel-gangers' (cloned and short-lived duplicates of existing humans) and even 'poltergeist' conjurings or holographic projections - whatever a specific job requires. They are run by resident masters, and co-ordinated from various bases (usual Earth base in Antarctica's Mt. Erebus region, solar bases on the Moon's dark side, on asteroids, and on Pluto) with their activities directed by the Opposition's space fleet intelligence, and ruled from behind the scenes by the Dark Lords who dwell in a hellish dimension of their own. On occasion, a Dark Lord might choose to work in physical embodiment (like the one-time Darth Vader, who actually did exist!). The Imperial UFOnauts of the Dark Forces, on Earth assignments, use mostly triangular, bat-shaped scout and fighter ships. These are dull black in daylight, possess a fire-engine-red glow at night, and are aptly named 'demoncraft'. They are notorious for causing wanton destruction, the harm and abduction of humans and the mutilation of animals.

The Dark Forces also caused many large-scale tragedies and disasters (such as the 1979 Jonestown massacre, and the 1980 Mississauga explosion). Even though they didn't overtly control such events, they 'helped' trigger them by negative feedback and by other manipulative means. Some of their expendable hatchet-men and field operators are eliminated, occasionally, but new ones just spring up again later on, due to Earth's usually-negative psychic climate; therefore, to fight off evil is an ever-ongoing process (like 'pest control' in any large city).

The New Age Movement

Yet, it's not all that bad, for there are mighty counter-measures at work from the Forces of Light. For example, the current leaderless but powerful network that is working to bring about a radically positive change in the land. This network - called Aquarian Conspiracy (in her book with the same title, by sociologist Marilyn Ferguson) is without a political doctrine, and without a manifesto. Broader than reform and deeper than religion, this benign 'conspiracy' for a human agenda has triggered the most rapid cultural re-alignment in history. The great shift overtaking us is not a new political, religious or philosophical system. It is a new mind - the ascendance of a startling worldview.

The Aquarian Conspirators span all levels of income and education, from the humblest to the highest. Whatever their station or sophistication, the conspirators are linked and made kindred by their common discoveries and attitudes. This has all evolved from a sequence of historical events that could hardly lead elsewhere. The crisis of our time is being met by a new perspective of people with transformation, innovation and evolution.

How did the new perspective come about? From where did the inspiration come to all those thinkers, writers and activists whose ideas influenced people? It all came from the Forces of Light: through the Space Brothers, the continuing transmissions from Sirius Centre, and the untiring workers of the Great White Brotherhood and associates.

The crisis is being met; and, the hope for a peaceful jump into the New Age is getting stronger. The much-prophesied final catastrophy still may be averted, or at least minimized. The alternative - global extinction and eternal darkness - is just too horrendous to even contemplate. The question is:

Will our present turmoil lead to a worldwide breakdown of society, or to a breakthrough to the next stage in human evolution?