by Eva Groenke, Germany


December 1998:


...Otherwise I am away a lot on various missions with my Space Friends. Rescue work, humanitarian help from aboard the Spaceships. When I am on duty, it is 4 hours on, 4 hours rest when I can watch any TV programms off the satellites, or just have a little nap. Never a dull moment for even the „work“ in the control-rooms and on the bridge is very fascinating.


I just got back early November from a two and a half weeks „trip“. Some of it was spent on a giant ship's conference center with many delegates speaking from 92 different planets to be transformed soon like our Earth. But most of the time was used for the yearly „retraining“ on navigating and piloting the many different type spacecraft through the various dimensions.


Now, beeing back, it's time to take care of my personal life and the many routine stuff we all have to do, besides getting prepared for the Christmas and New Year Holidays.


So, that's it for now. If you don't get a fast replay to your letters, please be patient. I just may be away on a mission, or in the middle of some busy stuff.


Lots of love

your friend Oscar




December 1999:


Dear Eva,


it has been a long time since my last letter to you. I have been terribly busy in these closing days of Millenium. I know that the 20th century ends a year from now – but we are already in the so-called „Last Days“ of the Era.


All this year long I have often been away to assist my spacefriends from their ships in various rescue-missions at places of big catastrophies, whether man made or natural, like Kosovo in Yugoslavia, Chechnia in Russia, Africa, Central American floods, Turkey earthquake, Japan mud-slides, storms and floods in China and in India, etc. etc.


Most of these troubles were caused by the Dark Forces' weather and climate manipulations. We, the good guys, „beam down“ or just air-trop food-water-medicine supplies, also help to transport many victims and even permanently evacuate a few. And all these while we must fight or „out-trick“ the ships of the Dark Forces.


Then, in between missions, I helped out to manage here the area's „safe houses“, which were set up for humanoid visitors from Space and for Federation couriers and various personnel in travel. So I have very little privat time or private life. I hardly even have time to go to meetings or conferences.

Well, that's the way it is in these critical times. The great prophecies are getting played out now, but on a much smaller scale than Nostradamus and others believed. Of course, it is still not over. But after 2001 or so, the Earth will be receiving more and more light and energy from the approaching „Photon Belt“.


Now the great transformation into the 4th and 5th density and the start of the Golden Age is predicted for about 2012, at the end of the Mayan calendar. So in a year or two the heavy work for me and the heavy troubles for Earth will be reduced a lot....


But we shall see it, when we shall see it.


Otherwise my health is O.K, my energies are holding out for now. I hope, all is well for you and with your Wicca activties and various projects. Hoping to hear from you some time, I remain your friend,

with much love,