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Alfred: I am Alfred Lambremont Webre and today we have a most unusual and distinguished guest. I have been updating myself on his latest information and bulletins. He is a person, just like me and just like you, and in his online identity he goes by Cobra - Cobra resistance. I understand that Cobra means something, compressed. Welcome Cobra.


 Alfred Lambremont Webre


Cobra: Thank you.


Alfred: Could you tell me what Cobra stands for and what it means to you from a symbolic point of view or from an actual point of view?


Cobra: Cobra stands for compression breakthrough, and compression breakthrough is a process when the light is coming from above to the surface of the planet, and from below also to the surface of the planet. When the light coming from above and the light coming from below meet, when both vectors meet at the surface, that’s the moment of the compression breakthrough. That’s the moment of the Event. The moment of the planetary liberation. This is the code name I use. It always invokes the energy of compression breakthrough. Cobra is also an ancient symbol of kundalini, the force of enlightenment. Some people might have other associations, but this is not why I chose this code name.


Alfred: I see. Now talking about this Event, this is something that some of us in this movement or this community, have been following for decades. I know in the 1980’s some of the groups that I was a part of it at that time would call it “the cosmic changeover.” It’s where there would be a virtual paradigm shift and would come very quickly. So it’s a concept that’s been around and I can remember “Oh it was gonna happen in the 70’s, it was gonna happen in the 80’s.” So could you tell us about the Event now in the present time 2013/2014.


Cobra: First I would like to explain a little bit of the background. This so-called Event or.....what was your name for it?


Alfred: When I first came across the concept in the early 1980’s it was “cosmic changeover.” That wasn’t my name but it was a name that groups that were working for something very similar called it.


Cobra: Actually this was called the Shift of the Ages centuries ago by the Mystery Schools and it was known that there would be a moment of drastic breakthrough for Planet Earth. The exact timing was not known but the symbolic year was always known as the year 2000 - a symbolic number that was given hundreds and hundreds of years ago. People were expecting this to happen. The exact moment is not possible to predict because of the free will of everybody involved.

After WWII, the Galactic Confederation chose to contact some people on the surface of the planet to give them more details about that plan, especially after 1953 there were many physical contacts. As we were approaching the year 2000 we were getting very close. Those people were then trying to facilitate that change and many were wishing for that to happen but of course, that was not possible. But then, as we were approaching the year 2000, we were getting very close. When the Archons, the controlling forces. realized we were about to liberate the planet, they created the last possible possible blockage, which was the so-called Congo invasion which happened in 1996.

At that time, many of the negative ET races had invaded the subterranean areas in the upper crust of the planet, especially through deep underground military bases on the physical plane, and also on the higher planes there were many Reptilians coming in on the etheric and astral planes. So this is what has happened for the past two decades and now we’re reaching the point where most of the consequences of that invasion have been removed. So we are approaching the tipping point. And this is the reason why we’re speaking of the Event in the near future. I will not give you any dates because that would only be a speculation.


Alfred: Right. Just a technical detail. You mentioned 1996 and you said a “something” invasion. Did you call it something?


Cobra: It’s called an invasion because the main force was happening through Congo in Central Africa.


Alfred: I see. And, who were these parties who were invading at that time?


Cobra: Ok I will go into a little more detail about this, because I think it’s time. Basically, this was arranged through Black Nobility families in Italy through their Jesuit network and then through Knights of Malta and through Knights of Malta to various negative military contacts around the planet. As you probably know, Congo area was an area of very drastic conflict and genocide - the Rwanda genocide which happened a little bit before 1996. That area is I would say a very negative black vortex.

So what they did, I they actually triggered, I think it was 12, underground nuclear explosions which created a negative portal and then through teleportation chambers many of those Reptilian beings entered through the subterranean bases in Congo and also through other places around the world - deep underground military bases. For example, Pine Gap in Australia and Area 51 and Dulce. You have many of those bases around the planet that were quite active at that time.

This infiltration also happened on the higher energy planes, on the etheric and astral planes, which is the reason most of the Channels lost their contact with the Galactic Confederation, and they started channeling “nonsense.” If you compare spiritual books published prior to 1996 to the ones published after that year, you will find a drastic decrease in quality.


Alfred: Right. So in terms of the third dimension political scene at that time, that was the Bill Clinton administration, wasn’t it?


Cobra: Yes. I will explain. Actually, the Reptilian beings that came first didn’t want to interfere with the political process but wanted to go undetected by the mass human population. So their infiltration of the political system was gradual and the vehicle they used was the Bush administration which came later.


Alfred: I see. Now, not to jump ahead, but we have a very unusual meeting of the three former U.S. Presidents. Bush, Clinton and Obama all met in Africa about two months ago. It was a very unusual meeting because they all met there, at once. People could say “what was that about?” And perhaps now the reason is unfolding, because today all the presidents are meeting in South Africa for the funeral of Nelson Mandela. We were down there. I was down there in 2011 and we went to Mandela’s house and where he was born and saw all of that. It seems to be sort of an orchestrated world moment. Because it’s in Africa, does this have anything to do with that portal?


Cobra: No. Actually the situation is that the Cabal are in a hurry. They need a certain plan to be devised because there has been great progress recently by the light forces, so they need to meet immediately and they need an “excuse” for all of the presidents and politicians to meet - and this Mandela funeral was very handy.

As you know, Mandela has already been dead for 6 months. So they are using this funeral as the ace up their sleeve which they could pull out at the right moment, and this right moment is now. This is why there is all this media pomp about Mandela now, because they now can invite all the presidents of various countries and all the high end politicians so they can devise a plan. Or shall we say the master controllers of the Cabal can propose a plan to the politicians to implement in their own countries, and this is what’s happening right now.


Alfred: Basically the Mandela funeral is a Psy-Op and False Flag of the New World Order?


Cobra: Yes, they just need some excuse to meet in public and then they can have their own private talks.


Alfred: Right. Now you’ve talk about all of this happening. In fact you’ve issued a release yesterday, the financial reset Event update, in which you document all of the various setups that are happening for dumping the dollar. The US dollar has been the control mechanism of the New World Order Matrix. So could you walk our audience through, starting with the 1996 Reptilian Portal, and how this integrates with the dollar and the with the Event and what’s happening now. If you could just weave that tapestry for us.


Cobra: There are a few phases of that process. The first phase was from 1996-2001 which was the Silent Phase of the Invasion. In 2001 those Reptilians became more politically active by the 9/11 False Flag event. Their plan was to completely suppress the human population by putting them in a fearful state. But their plan didn’t work. Actually 9/11 was the first sign for many people that something is wrong. That false flag backfired on them. So fast forward to the present, thanks to all the efforts of the Liberation Movement, there is much awareness of their plans and their plans are being prevented as they are being created.

This [dis-]integration of the U.S. Dollar as a world reserve currency is a result of many forces, some good and some not so good. There are many agendas being played right now. One faction of the Cabal wants to survive the coming changes and has decided to cut all ties with the Illuminati faction which includes the Bushes, Kissingers, Rockefellers and company. They’re the ones who were behind the practical implementation of the current financial system.

The Illuminati faction were the ones interested in keeping the Dollar as a world reserve currency because this was how the US Military could keep the world under their control. The reason for having the US Military keep the world under control was to prevent any positive ET interaction. The US Military could have a network of military bases around the world, monitor all extra-terrestrial activity and prevent any type of positive contact.

But now we’re getting to the next Phase of this scenario, when the Rothschilds are willing to cut all ties with this faction. The Rothschilds are teaming up with the Jesuits to infiltrate the new financial system and hijack it. They won’t be successful but that’s what they want.


Alfred: Could you explain for our audience why you believe that the Jesuits are a force and influence in this scenario.


Cobra: Basically, it goes beyond the Jesuits. There are old dynasties in Italy, mainly in Rome, some of them originating from Roman times that kept control of the Catholic Church since its creation. They were using the Catholic Church as a mind control mechanism.

The Catholic Church was created in the year 325 by Constantine the Great, a major Archon and master mind programmer. He summoned all the Bishops and forced them to sign certain contracts to spread his version of the programming cult. Everyone who opposed Constantine were killed or erased from history, including books that opposed his views.

That Mind Programming Cult (created by Constantine) was programming people for generations upon generations, and the Jesuits were just one arm of that back in the 16th century. The Jesuits were more dangerous than the others who were programmed, however, because the Pope allowed them to conduct trade. This is the reason they were able to create the Illuminati as their financial arm, and you all know how far that went.


Alfred: Right. So what you’resaying is that the Jesuits are like a secret spear of the Roman Empire that has continued and morphed since Rome into the Catholic Church, into the Jesuits, into the Illuminati.


Cobra: Exactly.


Alfred: Ok good. So now we have a wider historical picture. So who are the major players now that relate to the plan to bring down the dollar but also relate to the Event, because it seems like the Event is in favor of the people, but aren’t a lot of people going to be hurt by bringing down the dollar?


Cobra: The plan of the Light Forces is not to bring down the dollar but to create a fair and just new financial system. The plan of the Cabal is to bring down the dollar and they are using the same new infrastructure but for a different purpose. There is actually an infiltration of the Jesuits in the plan of the Light Forces. But when the Event happens, the Jesuits will also be arrested, including the Rothschilds. All of those agents will be removed from their positions.

The New Financial System will include the dollar in the basket of currencies. But the dollar may be revalued based on the productivity of the United States.


Alfred: Now, before getting into those technicalities, perhaps some of the audience is going to say “well that’s all well and good, but what are your sources? You seem very sure of your information. Is this information the product of your many years of research, is this information you’re getting from secret networks within the clandestine services, or is this information that you’re getting inter-dimensionally? Where are you getting all of this information?


Cobra: I have many sources of information. First I have a certain connection with the Resistance Movement. I will speak about this later if there is time. I also have some people in all major interest groups on the planet give me intel. I also have my own physical experience with the Pleiadians a long time ago. All of these sources combined gives me a pretty accurate picture of what’s going on on this planet.


Alfred: Would you like to give us your nationality, or is that not relevant?


Cobra: It’s not relevant and it’s not important.


Alfred: Now, having established that, for the quadrant for the minds of the listeners to get them settled, please unfold what the Event is and you see all of this unfolding in the times to come.


Cobra: O.k. The Event has physical and non-physical parts to it. The physical parts are, first, the reset of the financial system. The reset of the financial system will happen electronically. The Resistance Movement has already planted a virus in the computer network which connects the major banks in the current financial system. They can remotely trigger a shutdown of the banking system and this is what they will do.

The reason they will do this is so that the Cabal will not be able to access funds for their operations. The second reason is that the entire financial system needs to be reset. This reset will include a few things: the writing off of most of the debt on this planet which was an artificial creation, implementation of checks and balances to ensure that the new financial system will be fair and transparent, and the dismantling of certain institutions which were not operating in people’s favor. An example is the Federal Reserve, which will be dismantled.

When the banks reopen, those banks which survive will abide by the new financial system. People who had money in the banks that collapse will receive a refund of their money thru the collateral accounts. The collateral accounts is simply money which was stolen by the Cabal from the world, and it’s a huge amount of money. This money will be given back to the people, some of it directly, and some of it through certain projects that will boost the economy, will bring new technologies and new economic growth.

This is what’s happening on the physical plane. There will also be arrests of the Cabal. The law enforcement agencies around the planet will arrest those who were committing crimes against humanity. The Resistance Movement has all the evidence of everything that happened! Nothing will be hidden.

Those who went beyond what is tolerable and acceptable in civilized society will have to answer some tough questions. There will be no witch hunts, but there needs to be a fair trial and some balancing needs to take place so that human society can heal and progress into the new era.

On the non-physical planes, we will have huge energy waves coming from the Galactic Central Sun. Those who are more spiritually oriented will be able to feel that. The censorship and control of the media will be removed and true information will come through the mass media channels. This is very important because the masses respond to the mass media. When the masses begin to awaken, then we can have a planetary transformation. This will set up conditions for the first ET Contact.

First Contact is a diplomatic interaction between the human race and other positive races. That diplomatic contact can only happen sometime after the Event because the human race needs to be ready, intellectually and emotionally, to understand and appreciate that interaction. Before the official First Contact happens, there will be some individual sightings and contacts, especially between Pleiadians and those who are open to that interaction. Then those individuals will go to the mass media telling their story and this will prepare humanity for the official contact.

The official contact will most likely happen through the United Nations. The United Nations was a project of the Light Forces which was been hijacked by the Cabal. When the Cabal is removed, the United Nations will be restructured in a way that will allow them to be true representatives of humanity. All nations will be able to send representatives to the United Nations to be included in that process of the First Contact.

And from my information, the Galactic Confederation was quite active through some people in the United Nations to prepare the planet for First Contact.


Alfred: Could I ask you a question? A colleague of mine here in Canada, Stanley Fulham (a lifelong NORAD officer) published a book in July 2010 stating that representatives of the Regional Galactic Governance Council -the Pleiadians and Centaurians - would show their ships in New York on October 13 2010, and in fact on that day there were UFO’s flying all over New York. And he said that the Pleiadians would land at the UN in 2014 or 2015 and speak. Is this part of that?


Cobra: Yes. It’s part of the same plan. I will not give any dates or timeframes, but there is actually a plan for a small Pleiadian ship to land on the lawn in front of the United Nations building in New York.


Alfred: So actually pieces of this have been coming in. For example through Stanley Fulham’s who published his book in the summer of 2010. We did interviews with him and he predicted the UFO’s over New York, Over Moscow and London in January 2011. And then he laid out the whole plan of the Pleiadians to land and speak at the UN, and then for the technology of this Regional Galactic Governance Council to clean the ecology of the earth, to clean the environment. Is that something that you’ve heard about?


Cobra: Yes, that is exactly the plan they have and is the next phase after the Event.


Alfred: Oh good. So this has been coming to different people, to different parties, in different ways.


Cobra: Yes, actually the same plan and many contactees have received parts of the same plan.


Alfred: Also, there was another Source I interviewed called The Andromeda Council through a gentleman named Tolec who was a contactee and he gave some information that Andromedan ships would be landing at some point. Have you heard of that?


Cobra: Yes, the Andromedans will be coming at a later phase, simply because the Pleiadians are genetically and physically the closest to the human race so they need to be introduced first and later other races will follow.


Alfred: Yes, now what happened to Stanley Fulham, after we interviewed him in the summer of 2010 right after his book came out, was that he developed a fast acting pancreatic cancer and was dead by that December. He had to issue a final message at the beginning of December reiterating the whole plan because there were forces that attacked him with bioweapons. Have you come across this before?


Cobra: I would say most of the contactees have been silenced one way or the other.


Alfred: Now, one thing that I’ve heard that was attributed to you was that on November 23rd 2013, there was a shift in frequency, I think coming from the galactic center. Is that correct? Could you talk more about that?


Cobra: Yes. Actually what we did is we opened the so-called “Aion Portal.” The Aion portal was a moment of great cosmic importance as it was the moment when a certain energy wave came from M87 Galaxy through the center of our galaxy and to our solar system. Astrologically speaking, it was the exact moment of the peak of the Uranus Pluto Square. That signifies the moment when the greatest tension begins to be released through a conscious revolution, especially concerning the financial system. As you probably know, just a few hours after the opening of this portal, a historic agreement was reached with Iran, which was not possible for many years before that. So it’s a big breakthrough.


Alfred: So, on the one hand the historic agreement with Iran is a breakthrough, but you’re saying that all of the gathering around Mandela in South Africa is really a smokescreen. Is that a charac-terization that you would make?


Cobra: Yes.


Alfred: So could you take us further into the unfoldment of the Event and describe how you see these different Forces modulating and moving forward into 2014?


Cobra: I cannot give timeframes for various reasons, because the human mind has the tendency to get attached to a certain timeframe. It’s a very dynamic situation right now and things can change at any moment. It can still take quite some time but it can also change in a minute. For example, developments that happened this past weekend were not expected for months so things that usually take months happened in the span of a few hours. It was really going very fast.

I expect the final victory to be happening very fast.When it starts to happen, nobody and nothing will be able to stop it. It will take everybody by surprise. It will not be predicted in advance and it has to be this way, especially so that the Cabal cannot take any counter measures. They will be completely taken by surprise. The key element here is the Light Forces taking control over the mass media, because this is what shapes human consciousness right now on this planet. Only then can human beings be ready for the First Contact.


Alfred: Could you explain what you mean by the “Light Forces”?


Cobra: O.k.We have Light Forces on the surface of the planet, below the surface of the planet and also above the surface of the planet. There are various secret groups that have been working for quite some time on the surface of the planet for the Liberation of the planet. You won’t read about them in mainstream media. You can learn a little about them through alternative media but most of it is still undercover. There are various Dragon groups, for example. Some of them are completely positive, some of them are mixed and some of them are negative. You have Templar groups - again - some of them are extremely positive, some of them are mixed and some of them are negative. And you have some other groups I will not name, which are of a very positive nature. I can only briefly mention one of them and this is the Brotherhood of the Star.

There are some groups that are working completely behind the scenes. For example, there is one group that is located in a very remote location, hours and hours away from any civilization, without any cell phones, and is off the grid completely. Then we have the Resistance Movement below the surface of the Earth living in physical underground bases together with the Agartha Network. The Resistance Movement are the physical freedom fighters and the Agartha Network which is a more spiritual aspect of this. Above the surface of the planet are various positive extra-terrestrial forces that form the Galactic Confederation.


Alfred: How will the sovereignty of the human race be protected in all of this?


Cobra: This is one of the main reasons this is taking so long, because the Light Forces do not invade. They need to be invited, and they have been invited, and it will be a partnership and dialogue throughout the whole process. So nothing will be enforced upon humanity. Each step will be negotiated and thus the sovereignty of humanity will be preserved.


Alfred: I realize we’ve been going into some of the nooks and crannies. But just to go back, could you show us what the Event is and sort of unpack it for us?


Cobra: The Event is the moment of the breakthrough - the moment of liberation. Our planet has been under quarantine status for the last 25,000 years. This status has been imposed upon humanity by the negative ET races. So we have been in a closed system and according to physics a closed system tends to develop entropy, more and more chaos. This is exactly what we have now on this planet.

If you put any living organism in a small box, it will begin to deteriorate and this is what’s happening with humanity -- we have been closed in this small box for too long. So The Event is the moment when this box begins to be opened. The first light begins to shine inside and expose what is there. Then we have to sort out what is in that box. We have to remove the deformed, deviant parts of humanity. We have to heal the rest of humanity. We have to restore the ecosystem and all this will be done in partnership with positive Light Forces that are now beyond the surface of this planet. They will be behind the scenes. They will not be in the forefront. They will be advisors, teachers, instructors but they will not have an active role at first.

Humanity will still need to learn their own lessons and shape their own destiny. They will have support and guidance, yes, but this will not happen without the active participation of every human being.


Alfred: How can people who identify themselves as Lightworkers or awakened souls or progressive people who may not be completely attuned with this information and may just be starting to becoming aware that there is an actual plan in place and an actual goal here, how can they get involved in this process and keep aware of it? Is it through telepathy, meditation or how does it work?


Cobra: Spiritual awakening is a very personal and individual process. It happens in its own way for everybody so I will not give any guidelines here but I will say that everyone who begins to awaken begins to have an idea of the coming Golden Age, which is the common goal of all Lightworkers or Light Warriors. The Golden Age can be different things for different people -- it can be First Contact, new technologies, love and light for everybody, all parts of the same process.

Each human being can do what they can to bring forward this goal, to make it happen as soon as possible. There are various ways we can do that. We have blogs, we can post YouTube videos, we can create music and we can awaken and support each other in various ways.


Alfred: How do you see yourself in this process?


Cobra: Prior to the Event, I am a spokesperson for the Resistance Movement. After the Event, that will change. But before the Event, this is why I’m here.


Alfred: How can we all support the energy leading up to the Event? What can we do?


Cobra: There are many things we can do. The first one is spreading the Truth. Spreading the truth sends out harmonious resonance waves through human minds. Human minds have been deeply brainwashed. There is so much disinformation out there coming from the mass media and coming from disinfo agents in alternative media. So each little gem of truth is worth a lot! This is one of the most important things to do, to spread the truth, to expand the truth, to support the truth.

The second thing is to join the Weekly Liberation Meditations that we have. These meditations specifically help to clear the non-physical planes, removing all the negative Reptilians and to bring the breakthrough on the physical plane. Mass meditations have great power when they are supported by enough people. When critical mass is achieved with these mass meditations, we can greatly influence the geo-political situation, as scientific studies have also proven.


Alfred: I came across a website that actually talked about those weekly meditations. What is that particular website?


Cobra: This was most likely my blog and you can easily find my blog if you google “Cobra Portal 2012“.


Alfred: So what you’re really saying is that there is an integrated multi-dimensional coordinated plan that multiple intelligent entities from different dimensions (from Agartha, the layers beneath the surface of the earth, lightworkers in the human population, the White Hats, the ethical Regional Galactic Governance Councils, the ethical ET’s and also spiritual dimensional beings) are working on -- that this is the Shift of the Ages -- and that we’re coming to the culmination of it because we’ve made the turn around the Galactic Sun in 2012. Is that more or less what you’re saying?


Cobra: I would completely agree with everything except the timing, because it’s a process. The Stargate, the time window for the whole process, started in 1975 and will be over in 2025. It’s a 50 year transformational window. 2025 is when the transformation needs to be complete.


Alfred: I can find some correspondence as to 2025. Several years ago I was at a conference in Majorca, Spain and I was there with a number of speakers and one artist, Francisca Blasquez that had been given some information. She’s of the Dimensionalismo school and had been told that the landing of heaven on earth will happen in 2025. So we did a thing called a Grito de Mallorca which means “the shout of Mallorca,” kind of like a victory cry, for 2025. What happened in 1975?


Cobra: It was the opening of a very important portal on this planet that opened on May 25, 1975. It was a flash of energy that started the purification process. This purification process actually brought to the surface awareness of the Cabal. Before 1975, the Cabal was doing the same things behind the scenes and nobody knew about it. After 1975, books started coming out exposing the dark and also highly inspirational books bringing in the light. So the whole process actually started then and it just accelerated.

Last year, in 2012, we passed a very important milestone. We are now in the most probable time for the Event to happen. We don’t need to wait until 2025. Now is the time for us to make the main breakthrough.


Alfred: Right. But I’ve been saying to audiences talking about the positive timeline between 2013 and 2025 and I was just remarking on the coincidence of the same thing. There is a quatrain from Nostradamus where he talks about “the beginning of the fight of good against evil in 1973” which is when you had Watergate. Is there anything there?


Cobra: Yes. Yes there is. This is part of another underground process. Basically what happened in the 60’s, after 1965 or 1966, there was an important astrological configuration with Uranus conjunction Pluto which brought the hippie revolution. It was the first massive uprising against the system, against the Cabal, against the establishment.

It was later suppressed and manipulated through the artificially introduced drugs, which actually hijacked the whole movement. As if that was not enough, later there was a mini-invasion of the negative forces from the Andromeda Galaxy through the deep underground basesin the early 70’s. That mini-invasion peaked in 1973. This was the reason the Apollo program was terminated before its time. Because the Andromedans said it had to end so it had to end.


Alfred: I see. Very, very interesting. So now I’m just looking at your latest update and you’re asking people to vote and you’re saying that there is an option. One design of the Event is that it will not happen until the lower astral planes are cleared out. Am I correct?


Cobra: Yes. More or less. Yes.


Alfred: And so you say the first option is to trigger the Event as soon as soon as possible because the RM, a special task force, has asked if we can conduct a poll to determine what the opinion of the surface population is about their plan - asking kind of the ground crew (us) down here. “The results of the poll will not determine the course of their actions but give them priceless feedback for them to be able to adjust their plan and to accommodate the needs of the human population on the surface. The first option is to trigger the Event as soon as possible, although this might pose a remote but potentially grave risk to life and the physical safety of ourselves and our loved ones. And the second option is wait for the safest moment for the Event to occur, even if this means a significantly longer wait.”

Why would anybody want to trigger the Event as soon as possible?


Cobra: Because many human beings are suffering tremendously under the current system of the Cabal. Nobody is helping them. There are many people with terminal illnesses and at the same time we have cures for all of those illnesses and the Cabal is suppressing them. And we can go on and on and on. Children are dying from starvation. When the Event happens, all this will be taken care of. This may be a very good reason why the Event should happen as soon as possible.


Alfred: Right. So how do you feel about that?


Cobra: My opinion is that it needs to happen at the right moment and that is before the non-physical planes are cleared - maybe not just exactly at this moment - but when all the factors come together it needs to be pretty soon. So I am supporting this special task force in their own determination. We might not be completely ready but we can be ready very soon.


Alfred: Right. Now, one of the feedbacks that I continually hear, and I am sure you’ve heard it too, is “oh they’re always talking about this and then it never happens.” I consider that to be a meme but it’s a fairly common meme and that’s very discouraging because it discourages one from even posting information. How does one deal with that meme?


Cobra: Actually, it’s very simple. It’s a psychological response to something that’s never happened before. Everything that happened in human history had to happen for the first time. For example, before Mt. Everest was climbed, it was impossible before somebody did it. The same is true of the Event. Whenever we go beyond a certain psychological barrier, an impossibility and belief system, we create a breakthrough.

I cannot give proof of the Event because it has not happened yet. The proof will be the Event itself when it happens. The same is true of every great achievement anyone has had in their lives. Until you are there, you are not there and you cannot prove it. It’s a psychological mind game that people play - it’s not important. What is important is to focus ourselves on the goal, make a decision and there are many specific ways to manifest. Our decision, our dedication and a repetition of that process will result in the manifestation of our goal. This is a scientific fact. But it might take some time, that’s all.


Alfred: Just from the description, it seems to me to be a very dynamic situation going on. For example, you were just describing the events of this past weekend where you said “There have been some drastic developments regarding the Event this past weekend. A special task force of the Resistance code named RM2M was within 45 minutes of triggering the Event on Saturday, after the Archons (physical and non-physical) went a little bit too far with some of their actions. The Archons backed off at the last moment to prevent the Event from being triggered, and were forced to negotiate their own safety and survival. In order to survive a little longer, they were forced to deconstruct Doom33, their plan of retaliation when the Event happens.” Is this a trigger to WWIII?


Cobra: No. WWIII will not happen. It has been prevented.


Alfred: So what they’re saying is “deconstruct Doom33, their plan of retaliation when the Event happens.” That sounds pretty drastic. Could you walk us through that?


Cobra: Doom33 was their plan to create as much havoc as possible. This plan included WWIII A few years ago, but the Resistance Movement removed their access to nuclear weapons. I will not discuss how they did it but they did it. And this year they also crippled their ability to start a war in Syria and Iran. So now the whole plan has been deconstructed.


Alfred: And you also go on to say “they were forced to surrender full protection of the top level people within the Cabal who were until now able to conduct their deeds with physical Archons covering their back,” so it sounds like the power sphere of the Cabal is shrinking.


Cobra: Exactly.


Alfred: So this is really about the Light, the Dark, spheres of power. Could you talk about how in the few years you’ve been monitoring this, how you’ve seen the Cabal shrink or the fight go back and forth?


Cobra: It is a gradual process. The Cabal’s power is being decreased daily by the actions of the Light Forces. It goes in full correspondence with the amount of awareness that is present on the surface of the planet, about the actions of the Cabal and the presence of the Light Forces. And each time there is a major planetary activation, there is a big decrease in the Cabal’s power. And of course, there are the unexpected events, like what happened this past weekend.


Alfred: It sounds like you may need to rest your voice.


Cobra: Exactly.


Alfred: Well look. We are very very grateful for your having come on today and for your having shared this, and we hope that in the future as events develop, you will be able to come on again.


Cobra: O.k. Thank you for this opportunity and I wish everybody victory of the Light!


Alfred: Thank you so much. Bye-bye.


Cobra: O.k. Bye-bye.