by Eva Groenke



Dear Eva,


Have not heard from you since June. I think that's when I must have written to you, too.

I've done an awful lot of travelling in this year of  '94. Late March to Hawaii for about 4 weeks. Had some encounters with my Friends that I might have told you, but here it goes:



Arriving in Honolulu March 23 in very heavy rain-storm. Got switched  to a small Lear-jet and flown to the active volcano Kilauea for an 'updating' on local activities of Dark Forces, told me by Argus. April 12 I was led into a very big cavern-lake through  its undersea entry, where I met Quentin already in the midst of a 'conference' with dolphins and whales about pollution-free safe areas. Their „talking“ was strange to me, but after a while through empathy I knew & felt much in a great Bliss.


In July I did some travels in Alaska. Argus met me aboard a ferry-boat to tell me places and people I was asked to visit for „look-see“. Next day, on July 3rd afternoon, while driving along the Alaska-Highway in a rented car, I was lifted up with the car by some 'tractor-beam' into a cloud-camouflaged gigantic space ship. Quentin met me there and showed me ways of „life-styles“ in some other dimensionalities beyond the physical levels, to broaden my horizons and help with my personal growth.


Mid-September I was over (by pre-paid ticket and set itinerary) for 3 weeks in Austria & Hungary for some talks to groups and individuals. Had lots of magic moments and communications in many ways, but no special meets. For me this was more like a 'work/teach' trip, quite interesting and enriching otherwise.


As usual, had some trips to Muskoka-area, to Lily Dale, than my Camp Chesterfield-'pilgrimage' in August. When in Toronto, I still give talks to smaller groups, go to listen at seminars & conferences, etc. And of course, a lot of 'networking' and corresponding. All in all, busy as ever, but also quite tiring. I am always getting plenty of insights and the pieces of the great picture keep falling into place. But now I want some quiet period for the next few months, in order to digest an awful lot of past impressions and also to re-center  my own self from the many-faceted „jet-lags“.


Other than that, I am doing OK in the other departments. Here, we had a long Summer and a nice long Fall-time, too. The World goes stumbling as usual, with the quakes-floods-killings-plagues-political somersaults, the End-Times playing themselves out, with some cultists wanting to die even faster. Russia is still a dark horse and Gorbatchev is still a question mark. I guess, the witches are still flying and all the brooms are sold out, and I wonder how & what Eva is doing in the meantime...


Are you still into Wicca, and still working on your autobiography that brings you so many revelations? How is your health, how is your life-style these days?


Please write, I always enjoy reading your letters.


Lots of love





Camp Chesterfield

Lily Dale Assembly