By Ed Komarek

The Center Concept is now accessible in its entirety on our new Webpage that includes the Center’s Architectural Drawings, Business Plan, Organizational Structure, Blog, and Book.


Extraterrestrial Cultural Center (Status Report No 2)

The Extraterrestrial Cultural Center Concept is based on the evidence and concepts mentioned in my now free book UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder.

With the publication of the Center Webpage, The First Conceptualization Phase of the Extra-terrestrial Cultural Center is now almost complete and we begin to move forward on to the Second Phase; that of actualizing the Concept. Most of us doing the conceptual work have little experience with organization and management. We hope, now that the Conceptual Phase is ending, that a much more experienced and capable management team will join with us, to bring this Concept to reality in Phase Two.

Phase Two will require high caliber business people coming on board who are capable of running a large organization and who also have the fundraising capabilities necessary to raise millions of dollars to build the Centers. The initial task for the advanced management team is to make the Extraterrestrial Cultural Centers International a legal non-profit entity and to begin fundraising for a modest operating budget the first year.

I don’t see how we can advance much further on just volunteer help and we are also going to need funding to cover expenses involved with expansion. The rate of expansion for the Center is going to depend on the willingness of others to get involved with Center activities. It is possible that we are way ahead of the curve in regards to the needs of this organization, both by the UFO/ET community and the public in general.

For this reason I see a conservative timeline of 20-30 years toward a full Center network of Earth based Extraterrestrial Cultural Centers, possibly linked to other Cultural Centers on other worlds. It is, however possible that this timeline could shrink to as little as ten years if public awareness should shift dramatically in our favor. Such a shift could come from internal societal causes, from increased ET interactions, or from a combination of both factors. Anyhow regardless of the timeline we are just happy to have Phase One initiated and completed as our gift to ourselves and to humanity.


Tentative Center Design Schedule
By Max Vasher

First, I have already started some plans and section drawings on AUTOCAD. I will be posting these next, but they are going to take at least a few more weeks and probably up to a couple months. After that I am going to start a physical model and then a computer 3-D model. I always do a real model to work the design out further in my head. I will of course post pictures as that evolves. A real model will be fun to do and helpful to me as a designer, but our audience is online so the computer model is probably where I will then concentrate most of my efforts. This will provide us with a picture of the ECCI from any angle that will look like a real building in the real world. The added bonus to this is that we will be able to do an animated walk-through that people can watch online.

This will take a few months. I am strongly considering entering the design in a design competition called the Evolo Design Competition. It is a well-respected competition that focuses on design for the 21st Century. Our subject matter will be pushing the envelope for what they are used to, but I have to pay to get in so I will have to be at least considered in the competition. Truthfully, they are quite progressive so the design has a strong chance of doing well.

The added benefit is that we will be enlightening people to our subject matter in an intellectual and creative setting. I will be entering in the 2015 Competition which has a deadline around Nov. 2014. That means by this time next year we will have a completely developed professional design. Although it is a year out it is a tight schedule for one guy doing an entire facility, but this is a labor of love and potentially the most important thing I will ever have the pleasure of designing.

Extraterrestrial Cultural Center (Status Report No 1)

By Ed Komarek

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Our Blog:

The Extraterrestrial Cultural Center (ECC) has come a long way these past several weeks. The concept of a network of ET Cultural Centers spanning the globe began in my mind only several days after I made my disclosure book UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder free to be read or downloaded from its website. I had figured I would just coast along promoting the book to as many people as possible these last years of my life. Boy was I wrong!

I now find myself in the middle of a huge enterprise that is now rapidly moving from the conceptual stage into the organizational stage. The past several weeks since the concept originated in my mind, have been very busy, hectic and even chaotic at times as I strive to learn management concepts almost from scratch. A lot of this chaos came about because I posted to about 220 Facebook groups about the Center thus creating a surge of people into the organization. Out of this surge of people there have been several, who not only have committed themselves, they have followed through on their commitments to begin to make the Center Concept a reality.

It’s been awhile since that first post to all these groups and during this time our management team has been working very hard to build organizational structure for this next surge to come from this second posting to the Facebook groups. This way we hope that the situation will be much less chaotic than it was the first time around. We very happy to have folks joining us in mass but we really are hoping we can get several more people in this second surge that will commit to on the average 1-3 hours of organizational work per day and follow through. It slows us down when somebody gets into a management position and then wanders off, because that Division or Department stagnates while other Divisions and Departments move forward with active leaders.

So everybody is welcome to check in and become a member on our home page and wander around through the Divisions and Departments to become more involved if they so desire. We want this organization to be as inclusive as possible so we welcome people who understand contact as a reality, but we also welcome those who at this time who understand contact as a hypothetical. If people are not in these two categories then this organizations is probably not for them. Those who have read UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder will understand the basic concepts upon which this organization is based. In a way this organization naturally follows from the book as an action plan for accelerating contact. The Center’s home page is here.

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