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George Adamski
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Daniel Fry
Omnec Onec
George van Tassel
Billy Meier
Orfeo Angelucci
Elizabeth Klarer
Michael Ellegion

Authors and books - mentioned in Oscar Magocsi's books

Hans-Stefan Santesson - Understanding Mu
Lucile Taylor Hansen - He Walked the Americas
Robert Temple - The Sirius Mystery
Gary Allan - Non Dare Call It Conspiracy
Brad Steiger - Satans Assassins
Marilyn Ferguson - The Aquarian Conspiracy
R. A. Wilson & Robert Shea - Illuminatus


Books with references to Oscar Magocsi

Timothy Wyllie - Dolphins, ETs and Angels
John Robert Colombo - Ufos over Canada
Timothy Green Beckley - The Authentic Book of Ultra Terrestrial

Tuella - A Tribute to Ashtar
Jim Keith - Saucers of the Illuminati

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Marylin Ferguson
 L. Taylor Hansen
 John Ernst Worell Keely
Gerard K. O'Neill
Thomas Townsend Brown
Rupert Sheldrake
Nikola Tesla
David Bohm
Frederic Vester
Buckminster Fuller
Fritjof Capra
John Archibald Wheeler
Kip Thorne

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New Age
Gaia Hypothesis
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