Artist's impression: looking at Planet Earth from a spaceship

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(Excerpt from "About My Space Friends") 

Order from The Guardians (around 5000 B.C.)

"After this Galaxy XX mission's completion, you three will be jointly yet separately assigned to look after a faraway planet called Earth. You will live long stretches on Earth and walk amongst the population for the next 7000 years or so, teaching, guiding and eventually ushering this great would-be jewel of a world into the 'New Age' of cosmic fraternity. The planet is destined for a role of great cosmic significance, so it will have to be looked after by this best qualified missionary & facilitator team."

Quentin's Job - Development assistance for the ancient civilizations in the Americas

"About 7000 years ago, as I was transported down from a spaceship to this locality, my small auto shuttle malfunctioned and landed me a few miles off the target. It set down right in the midst of some religious Indian festivity, causing the agitated natives falling on their faces. As I scrambled free of the immediately departing craft, I soon learned that the natives took me for their legendary 'plumed serpent' sky-god of the air, Quetzalcoatl. No wonder that they named this site Teotihuacan - the city of the gods, or the place of gods.

"Since my task was about teaching them some culture and civilization, I went along with their unshakable belief in me as their incarnate deity, hoping to make them more receiptive to novel ideas. And the stratagem worked like a charm - but they were slow learners. So I just kept popping up throughout the centuries in various places. One time, coming from an Easter Island conference to the coast of Chile, I even walked through Peru, Ecuador, the Amazon jungles, Central America, North America right up to the Athabascan region. This particular journey became the subject of many tribal legends (some of it written up in L. Taylor Hansen's book He walked the Americas).

"My mission was to bring peace and prosperity through civilization. I introduced agriculture, the art of writing; devised a calender for the MesoAmericans (based on a 52 years cycle, with a Pleiades-orientation as a hint for Earthman's long forgotten origins), kept attempting the permanent foundation of justice and humanism in MesoAmerica - heavily opposed by the powerful priesthood's desire to perpetuate the humans-sacrificing practices. One time I even became their priest-ruler for 30 years in the Toltec city of Tula. After then, the scheming priests managed to oust me by clever trickery, plus ran me out of town with intent to kill. According to their version, out of shame I set fire to myself and went up in flames with a threat of returning in the flesh again some day. Actually, I did speak to the crowd about such return, just before getting spectacularly beamed aboard a rescuing Federation spaceship near Vera Cruz - thus ending my millennium's long public role in those parts. When centuries later Hernan Cortez landed in the same area, no wonder the natives believed he was Quetzalcoatl coming back. We of the Federation had a general idea what troubles and tribulations could issue from that historical landing event, yet we hoped Cortez and his Spanish soldiers would succeed in overthrowing the bloody-handed Aztec priesthood (which priesthood, amongst other atrocities, in just one week's time butchered young men by tens of thousands through cutting their hearts out for sacrificial offering to commemorate the Tenochtitlan temples on the site of present day's Mexico City), so the ousting could bring peace and humane conditions in the long run. After the overthrowing, it still took many revolutions and several centuries to achieve results - but it was worth the struggle.

"And even though my millenniums-long public role had ended, on behalf of the Federation I still have been active from behind the scenes."


Teotihuacan: Complex of Pyramids north of Mexico City 

Don Miguel's Job - Development assistance for the ancient civilizations in Asia and Alaska

Also from the stars, the 'old Indian' came down to help progress on our Earth through Space Federation assignment just about the same time as Quentin and Argus, approximately 7000 years ago, that is. He was the man who walked Asia & Alaska. His original 'beat' was mainly Siberia - known there as the Great Shaman (with ready-made old looks for a better credibility). But his widening rounds took him even to Mongolia and over to Kamchatka, then southwest through a string of islands (the Kurils and today's Japan) and back to the mainland again. About 3000 B.C. he helped Fu Hsi the first ruler of China to establish a civilized order. He was around there again in the late 13th century A.D. time, as a very close advisor to the great Kublai Khan (even met the legendary Marco Polo himself). Mid 17th century A.D. he had a hand in establishing the Manchu dynasty in Manchuria. In between times he did numerous other things as a man of countless guises and talents (his present identity with the Don Miguel name was adopted in the late 18th century A.D. only). He led thousands of families across the Bering Strait to Alaska, and down to more hospitable climates in North America. He also had long stays with the Eskimos. Eventually, he settled with the Navajo and Pueblo Indians - but prior to it he spent long stretches in MesoAmerica, in which area his influence had been felt in the past two millenniums along with that of Quetzelcoatl's.

Later, Don Miguel disclosed some other relevant information. He said he was well over 30,000 years old in his present embodiment. He and his long lived fellow operatives on these special planetary assignments had regular access to facilities, communications, R & R. These options were provided via shuttling to a Federation stationed Space Lab Ark in the solar system.

But after awhile planetside, the operatives were becoming more and more self sufficient. Full immersion in the environment and total devotion to the mission became quite natural with them over the millennia. And this was beneficial all around, for both the planet's cultural and the operative's individual growth.

Argus' Job - Development assistance for the ancient civilizations in Europe and the Middle East

Argus was born in his present embodiment approximately 7000 years ago, aboard a spaceship in Earth orbit (star cruiser class of Planet Ankh registry from a faraway Federation system), off-spring of the ship commander and an Earth woman from the East Mediterranean.

He grew up on Earth, but after age 21 he went to Planet Ankh to obtain his higher education. Upon graduation from the Space Academy, he joined the Psychean Division of the Federation Space Fleet. Then, after long centuries of diverse duty tours, Argus was stationed to Earth and assigned to a tough mission: he was to battle and neutralize a great variety of giant monsters imported by the Dark Forces, that endangered the population of early civilization and the personnel of Federation bases in the Aegean region. Besides the fulfilling of his assignment, in the next millenia Argus sired numerous offsprings from Troy to Sparta - amongst them the royal house of Argos, plus several lines of psychic seers. He was also known as the mythical man of a thousand eyes - no surprise in the light of his efficiency as a Security & Intelligence officer.