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(Excerpts from Oscar Magocsi's books)

Power centers („chakras“)

We went back to the lecturing. The next stills on the screen showed groups of people in different Earth environments, along with their psychic emanations. It seemed that specific types of activities, for example studying, hockey playing, merchandise selling, religious worshipping, generated their own distinctively - characteristic emanations. Besides the group, the same applied to any given individual within the group, yet there were some basic emanations apart from the given activity with each person.

Argus flashed on several stills in rapid succession. They were silhoutte pictures of persons, along with the colors of their psychic emanations that formed an 'aura' around them. The inner part of the aura's colors characterized the person's basic 'vibrations', like health factors, moral values and orientations, attitudes and motivation. The outer part of the aura was rather showing surface emotions, conditions and preoccupations.

'Running' an animated sequence, Argus narrated an average person's going through the main portions of his day, and the corresponding changes that took place in the aura. Then a family of five were shown with their individual aura changes, as they went to church, to lunch and to a beach. It was fascinating to see, how vastly they all differed from each other, and how differently they each reacted and related in the common situations. It all boiled down to the very inner characteristics of the individual. One could almost predict how they would relate in certain situations. In one glance at the aura, it was easy to tell about a person's moral stature, inner balance, strength of character, value orientation, state of accomplishment.

It was easy to tell, that is, for someone like Argus, or the central intelligence of a saucer. Although I could comprehend the generalities of the aura colors and patterns, but to know about that in full depth was a science in itself. The saucer could identify every individual from a great distance, even in a crowd. But to instantly assess someone's subtler frame of mind or someone's totality out of the multitudes, was decidedly a job for specialists. Now I knew why the saucer could pick me out and read me from such a great distance.

Argus said some Earth humans were capable of aura seeing partially, some others develop it to a greater degree. With people of this dimension, such a thing was natural ability. They could see auras if they wished to make the effort to 'tune in' and they could also make an educated guess about its generalities. Argus then flashed on a still that displayed an average Earth human and an. average human of this dimension, side by side. The latter's aura pattern was generally healthier, stronger, more pronounced where mental and psychic attributes were concerned. On this illustration, Argus pointed out the seven 'power centers' of the body. He told about how these centers gave out strong vibrations of their own if they were sufficiently functioning. In the Earth human, these power centers were functioning either very faintly or not at all. I learned that the intensity of power in these centers placed one on a lower or higher level of overall being. Obviously, that's what my boosters were for: They helped to step up my vibrational rate by boosting the appropriate centers, so that my body and mind could function in this dimension for a while. Argus said this state could not be made permanent though, even with body chemistry and molecular structure altered as a result of my Tibetan visit.

Now that we have analysed and diagnosed people, I asked Argus, how could an individual change for the better? Three ways, he said.

First: By starting to live sensibly, positively.

Second: By raising the level of conscious awareness.

Third: By altering the vibratory rate.

No matter which end one starts, changes are cumulatively affecting the other two as well. After all, these three aspects are just different ends of the same fabric.

What do all these vibrations have to do with the body and life functions of a human being? I asked. Argus explained that everything vibrates at a certain specific frequency of its own. This includes human beings too.


                                      The human aura

Hierarchy of morphogenetic fields

For a human being is much more than mere biochemical machine produced by the genes through DNA molecules. Beyond coded genes and biochemistry, our form and functioning depends really on intangible organizing factors, that manifest through energy patterns called vibrational fields. He continued:

Within one's overall vibrational field,a so-called life field or 'etheric field' of a human being is the factor that governs the atoms, molecules, cells and organs. Thus, changing the vibrational rate of the sub-fields alters molecular structure and chemistry, this in turn changes the whole human being. You saw how diversified the changes are. The results can be in the existence of different dimensions, realization of some human potential, ESP powers. Within narrow limits, your Earth people can see already the vibrational principal at work: for it's common knowledge to them that heat, sound, light, tele-communications, nuclear radiation ... are differing only in frequency rate.

As I was saying, your chemistry and nature of functioning is being governed by an over all 'etheric' field. In turn, this field is determined by yet a far more intangible organizing factor, quite beyond human reach, called the 'causal field'. This field is the one that actually produces the 'etheric field', and also the co-existant 'mental field'; these two in turn produce the body and the mind, respec­tively.

On our part, instead of mere physical or psychological treatment, medically, we rather cure at the root causes, through fields-balancing. Consequently, we hardly have any serious health problems; also our life span becomes a great deal longer.

We can also make various other alterations in the etheric and mental fields, through technological or psychic means. No vast transformation through such means can be permanent, though. The causal field pattern that sustains your present 'status quo' won't permit that, except by a natural process by either growth or development. This natural process is actually a phase by phase unfoldment of one's causal pattern to its fullest potential, which is common to all living things. Thus unfolds even the overall cosmic design in a gradual way, yet cycle by distinct cycle.

Psychic pollution

Next day we didn't, go out at all. Some time after a late breakfast, Argus took me up to his study. The place was comfortably furnished, featuring even a coffee-maker, and other Earth-like amenities. There was a huge, blank screen at one wall. Argus used that for illustrating his lecture-style explanation of many facts, which he got launched into now. He kept flashing stills and moving pictures upon the screen, without any projectors in sight, without pushing buttons, seemingly just by willing alone. When I asked where all the vast flow of information was coming from, he said it was no special trick and almost any educated Psychean person could do it. The person either used his own memory banks, or got just linked up with a library computer.

He started out with reminding me, how the 'astro-dome' we visited the night before was displaying the momentary configuration of many cosmic forces and factors that influenced life in general. He flashed a still on the screen, which resembled a sampling of the 'astro-dome' display's densely packed color patterns. He said, different colors represented different cosmic forces and factors. For instance, the relative position of planetary bodies within a given solar system had a significant bearing on world events in respective sectors. He said if Earth people didn't believe this, they may be in for a nasty shock at the time of planetary line-up in the first half of the 1980's, generally referred to as the Jupiter effect.

I studied the screen display. Points of any one given color added up to force-line patterns or clouds of varying densities. I was amazed at the dozens of different major cosmic forces, planetary magnetic fields, psychic emanations, which contributed to making up an intangible 'climate' that influenced the natural and the man-made events.

Argus said, air and water pollution were well known factors on Earth, but psychic pollution was hardly ever considered seriously. Yet, psychic climate was terribly important for shaping life in every aspect, from individual character and motivation to global scale ideologies and their consequences. He pointed to a heavily dense cloud of murky coloration on the screen, saying that this represented 'psychic fall-out' drifting in from neighboring systems like my dimension, through the 'window-areas'. This fall-out was poison to many important functioning in this other system, occasionally causing downright disruptions at more heavily affected places.

On the large scale interdimensional map-stills Argus flashed on, it showed Earth was a major offender in generating this psychic fall-out. For no matter how vast the distances seemed, spaces were not uniformly linear, due to many warps, cross currents and other anomalies. In case of 'parallel universes', there were many overlaps and interpenetrations between the dimensions. Therefore, two locations separated by incredible distances could happen to be almost side by side for psychic emanations.

Then, Argus went on with explaining how all this psychic fall-out got produced and by what. On the following and better detailed Earth-stills, I literally saw heavy 'clouds' of psychic pollution over areas like the Middle East, South Africa; many spots over India, the Far East; several spots over parts of Europe and the Americas. These cloud and spot indicators spoke for themselves: a clear map of hate and fear, violence, social unrest. Other spots over large centers of the 'peace-loving' rich countries, were not difficult to guess at as emanations of fear, greed, envy and cut throat competition. On one close-up map of a major North American city, I could guess at such emanations as discrimination, hypocrisy, crass materialism and the like. All these added up to the general psychic smog, that in turn could generate more of the same and worse. The stills of Earth's psychic weather report needed no explanation. I felt deeply moved.

The Council of the Guardians

"Since we are in a position to help your people, in our ethics there is no way to avoid helping. And last but not least, we have really no choice in the matter: a mighty power beyond us that we call the 'Guardians' do want us to help. They are the Elder Brothers of all humankind, administrators of the Universal Law.”

"Why all the hide-and-seek type UFO activities on Planet Earth? Why not tell all in a globally publicized official contact?" I asked.

"Because we are not justified to interfere that drastically." Argus said, "Not unless it's absolutely necessary. Think of the gigantic psychological impact our mass landing would cause. It'd be a downright tampering with Earth's destiny line, which only Earth humans alone should work out on their own. Yet, we keep deferring Earth catastrophes and impending major wars, by minimal and covert means, in hope of gaining time for a more peaceful transition to the new cosmic cycle. So far there is definitely hope; it still maybe a reasonably peaceful dawning of the 'Aquarian Age'."

"We still want your people to learn the truth of our presence eventually; besides drawing attention to the fact, that Earth humans are not alone in the cosmos, and are certainly not the most highly evolved. But for reasons already stated, it's better to infiltrate the truth slowly at first, stepping it up gradually. Incidentally, one of our distant allies, the 'Aetherians' are the best at these infiltrative type of propagations. They rarely ever show themselves, but they certainly do a lot of telepathic transmitting to Earth people."

(From the Conversation with Quentin:)

"By the way, what is this Council?" I pressed on for some details, while the going seemed good.

"It is the Council of the Guardians. It consists of the Elder Brothers of humankind, in the realm of all these dimensions, Your world is in one of those many universes, so is this world here, and my own faraway world in yet another dimension, too."

"Elder Brothers? Like those in the stories one hears about the Space Brothers, the Ancient Ones, the Great White Lodge, or whatever?"

"Something along those lines, but not quite. Besides, names or concepts do not matter, only the essence. So let's just call them the 'Guardians', for convenience sake."

"I gather, they are not on this planet. Do they live in yet another dimension?"

"No dimension with them. You can't find them in any physical dimension of the multiverse. They exist and function 'outside' of these multiverse structures, in the uppermost regions of a totally non-physical plane. You see, they are incorporeal beings, partially even unmanifest..."

"You mean, they are some kind of ghosts?"

"No, for they never died. They became immortal way back in the past, while still in the human flesh. Since they no longer need bodies, their consciousnesses dwell in what you could call some soul-essence, inaccessible to physical realms. There, they oversee the proper functioning and evolving of our physical worlds, and make minor course changes if necessary - provided the changes are in accord with the overall cosmic scheme."

"Well, how do they know if in accord?"

"Partly, they know it through insight that comes from the Great Unmanifest realm. And partly, they got the knowledge through occasional consultation with the Ascended Masters, when conditions are right."

"What do you mean by unmanifest?"

"The totally unreachable for any manner of world or creature, whether they be physical or non-physical. Yet the unmanifest exists, in a potential way. Some prefer to call it the Void, others the Cosmic Unconscious."

"Then those Guardians run the whole cosmos?"

"No, they only guide the realms of humankind. There are many other systems, dimensions, universes, with different non-humanly alien life forms, that have separate guiding hierarchies of their own kind."

"Then who is in charge overall?"

"We don't have cold facts on that one, only subjective ideas. When it comes to the ultimate, there are really no simple answers. The known whole of the cosmos by itself is infathomable, dynamic, ever evolving, as it keeps unfolding from the depths of the Void..."

"Why do these Guardians bother to care for our physical universes?"

"Because our worlds are like their garden. The healthier and happier we are, the nicer it is for them. They are like artistic gardeners using their talents to ward off evil, and to make us prosper."

"They may be an evil force that poses as beneficial, for all you know."

"Well, that's not the case. Their being beneficial is rather evident by their actions. By their fruit, you can tell. Of course, you can't really be blamed for being suspicious. Earth's underdeveloped regions feel the same way towards gestures of aid from richer countries. Now you fear that we maybe a 'Trojan Horse' of some evil power from outer space. Yet, we have no choice but to press on with our Earth missions. You see, we don't want other, possibly ruthless aliens to beat us to a contact in our own 'back yard'. Believe me, there are some deadly powers out there. Therefore it's quite logical for us to stick to our own kind, as if in an inter-cosmic 'commonwealth' of humanity.”

It all sounded quite reasonable, I was inclined to believe it - or at least to give it the benefit of the doubt, since the point could not be proved or disproved at this stage.

Quentin went on.

"Anyhow, on the plane of naked essences there is no way to lie, and no need for it either. The Guardians being with the Forces of Light is quite obvious there, just like the open hostility of the arrogant Dark Forces. Fact is, that the naked evil is still quite appealing to the like mentalities, even being courted for favors."

"Instead of working, couldn't these Guardians go away to some kind of Paradise, and just enjoy themselves?"

"Matter of fact, they could; for they earned the right to eternal bliss. But they rather chose to stay 'out' in the unfolding cosmos, in order to guard us against destruction by the dark forces, to guide us in our evolutionary growths, to alleviate unnecessary sufferings due to igorance in the backward areas - like some celestial 'Peace Corps' workers, showing positive and more efficient ways to joyous creativity. So they stay on the job, until we all got liberated from ignorance and grew into reasonable near-perfection."

"Then, apparently the Masters are out of this all."

"Not quite. Even though they ascended to unimaginable heights which are no longer of these worlds, they still keep in touch through the Guardians,"

"By the way, why weren't we made perfect right from the start?"

"But we were, in a way. We were perfect as babies, undifferentiated blanks. Afterwards though, we can only grow towards perfection of character, knowledge, love, through innumerable peraonal experience. And this journey of growth is the whole point of existence. The very process of life is the product, not so much the final result. Every experience at any stage is equally important, every moment is incomparably unique."

     New Dawn of Man as Light Bearers

Quentin's New Age speech

(Chapter Rainbow at Niagara Falls from “About My Space Friends”)

On that early Sunday morning of July 3, 1988, I just happened to be wondering again about a long overdue contact with my Space Friends, when the 'signal' came. Flashed across my field of vision as if on a TV screen, I clearly saw an image of Niagara Falls. I could not tell if the image was real or mental. But without further ado, I jumped into my car and drove away for the one hour's distant Falls from my Toronto home. When I arrived, the area was already swarming with masses of tourists (no wonder of the multitudes, since both Canada Day and USA's Independence Day fell on that long weekend). Before looking for a proper parking spot, I stopped near a motel in view of the Falls, and cut the engine. There I sat in my silent car, spellbound at the sight of the Seventh Wonder's thundering cataracts, one of Nature's greatest scenic masterpieces. No matter how many earlier occasions I went to the Horseshoe Falls, I always had that sense of awe in my heart.

There is always a certain mystique to the roaring and tumultuous abyss. This time it had an unusually spectacular rainbow arching over its vast surroundings. Then, as I marvelled about the rainbow's magnificence, came a great surprise for me.

There, right from the driver seat of my stationary car, I was 'beamed' aboard a mile long and rod-shaped spacecraft. It was a transparent craft named 'Rainbow Ship', locked in a high orbit around Earth. The craft was appropriately named after a rainbow, since it consisted of wide and transparent tubes in the colors of the rainbow. These bunched together tubes ran the entire length of the slender s'hip. After full bodily materialization, I found myself seated inside the yellow tubing amongst a lot of people as if aboard an airliner. Above and below, and across from us (seen through neutral wall portions), there were the other-colored fuselage-like tubings full of people just like ours. The tubings were divided into sections by bulkheads with screens, and there was good visibility all around for every passanger.

Against the black vault of deep space, Planet Earth's daygide could be clearly seen as if from some great distance of countless thousand miles. The view was breath-taking, which could be enjoyed by everyone in turn as the craft; rotated slowly around its axis. Near me at the aisle's bulkhead-screen, a human apparition started to form. It coalesced into a life-like projection of Quentin's golden robed figure. The apparition put up one hand and spoke.

"Even if only by holographic replicas projected from the bridge, let me welcome you my friends aboard this 'Rainbow Ship' - this very unique gift from the Guardians for the special occasion. The various color codings and your particular seatings were arranged according to the particular one ray of the seven cosmic manifestation rays, to which you personally happen to belong in your present embodiment. Transmission and transporting is easier for us this way, while comprehension and transcendence for you is at its best when through your personal ray. If your facial features seem unrecognizably blurred and outshined by your inner light emanations, it is because you all are lighted beings which fact now shows clear in this strongly amplifying high vibrational field here."

"You, selected Light Workers, Contactees, former Space Odyssey participants were gathered up here to be shown your home-planet's health condition in various time periods. Through the aid of time travel and clairvoyance-boost, you will see your Earth's auric sheath as it was in your late 1960's, as it is now, and finally as it will be by 82% probability in the year of 2025. This 'Rainbow Ship' was designed to enhance your perceiving of auric emanations and also to take us back or forward in time, so we can see and feel the actually prevailing degree of global 'health'."

On Quentin's hand signal, the sound of a melodious chime was heard. All the lights and sights started to blink off and on, rapidly increasing to a hypnotic oscillation. When in a few minutes the oscillation stopped and the surrounds normalized, the large screen had a digital display which read:

1968 A.D.

Planet Earth was in sight again; but this time it looked sadly sick, with some angry red and brown glares on the enveloping dull-grayish mist. A dramatic illustration of a troubled, negative era.

The chime sounded again and the oscillation started up. When we 'normalized', we were back in

1988 A.D.

Earth's aura looked cleaner, yet somewhat still turbulent. A tone of optimistic surges, new beginnings could be strongly felt from the emanations. There was an overall upbeat mood.

The next sequence of chime and oscillation took us into the future. The screen display read

2025 A.D.

The planet was a remarkably bright sight. The sparkling blue auric sheath of Earth created a healthy glow. There was a feeling of lightness and joyousness emanating from it. The sight held steady, while Quentin resumed talking.

"Many millions of Earth people were engaged in a mind-linked Planetary Peace Meditation on December 31, 1986. For that Operation 'Peace on Earth', a grand crystal spacecraft fully charged up with cosmic energy, came here to collect and amplify the vast energies sent up by the meditating Earth people. Then all these combined energies were poured as tremendous quantities of Light into Earth's magnetic field, for the transmuting of the critical mass into a positive energy. This was done in hope to reverse the chain reaction of negativities - thus bring about a massive change of global consciousness for the eventual healing of this planet towards a strong spiritual Love and Light. I am happy to say that so far the signs have been encouraging."

"1987 was to be the year of the critical mass; the year that was to set the tone of historical and cosmical unfoldment, to have a bearing on the manner of Earth's transition into a higher vibratory realm - either damaging and violent, or joyous and peaceful. Even though the Great Cosmic has the final say about the sequence of the coming events and their manner that are to happen on this planet, you the Light Workers and the Starseed can help with the balancing and the alignment of the incoming new regenerative energy patterns of resonance."

"Then, 1987 August's 'Harmonic Convergence' event was an unparalleled influx of Divine Illumination pouring into the planet. This was anchored by you and us effectively, and now working its way through the various strata of the world into a planetary 'rebirthing' manifestation."

"And now we are moving through the accelarated time and space continuum of the pre-millenium purification period. Your bodies are being shaken, your belief systems and your emotional constitutions are all being shaken, rattled, loosened and jarred awake in this universal birthing of the Golden Light awareness. The incoming great cosmic energies are being felt by everyone, even if not in a similar manner. There is a great confusion and division, because many entities do not know how to cope with the vibratory accelaration. All vibrational life forms are being quickened in an upward thrusting spiral motion, that causes a raising in the frequencies of all life forms as they come more and more in harmony with the Light. At this time, your bodies are part light form and part physical matter. The physical matter is being accelarated and quickened to blend more closely with the Light Forms which you are becoming. Each of you are being stimulated to awaken and arise to the New Dawn of Man as Light Bearers or Light Beings."

"But it is unfortunate, that those who would resist the touch of this heavenly power will feel it as a negative force instead; and the stronger the resistance, the more intense the negative reaction will be. Where unbalance is present, great resistance will manifest, and necessary historic changes will come to balance the land and the lives of the people. This is the cleansing time for everyone and for the planet as well. For Earth's cleansing is most critical to her evolution, and she will be certain to complete the task. The only question is that how many of you will do likewise and live to see the coming Glory?"

"The present is the period of refinement. It may feel rough now, but it will be rewarding when you emerge as 'newly shining ones'. Throw off the 3rd density shackles, so that you can stay intuned with your unfolding 4th density becomingness. Attune daily to the Hierarchy's field in a clear way, and let go of all in the self that is undesirable for harmony. This requires great strength and balance, but it is well worth the effort. For some, this is an opportunity to balance heavy karmic debts and to release the soul into higher evolutionary pathways. For others, the difficult experience will serve to stimulate the soul to greater spiritual growth.

"Your primary purpose or mission for being on Earth is for you to have the opportunity to develop your mastery of the self while you are in a 3rd density embodiment. You are here for your own spir­itual growth. The idea of having to obtain your 'directives' or your answers from some outside sources (e.g. from someone's channeling) is becoming obsolete. Instead, you will always receive what you need - whether that comes from a book, a discussion, a lecture, a workshop, etc.

For spiritual assistance will always be available. Remember, you are being taught to become self-sufficient on all levels, therefore your way of accessing the Cosmic and your Higher Self will be decidedly different. For some of you who have been waiting for years to be beamed into the ships, waiting to be saved: it is time now to bring Balance into your life and your being. The way 'home' is not by sitting and waiting, but through growth and through increasing your Light. For your Light will show the way to your brothers and sisters. And it is by this effort that positive changes will be manifested in the world and in your life. "Your own 3rd density world-system is presently vibrating at 3,7. It is hoped that this will reach 3,9 by your year 2000. In order to make this happen, it is important that collective consciousness be raised to that level.

"You will be learning to live in a different octave by living in your own mastery - consciously creating everything with purpose and function. Eventually, the checks and limitations will be removed for regaining the spiritual freedom to roam the other-dimensional realities in a fully conscious way. Bi-location abilities, all ESP skills and gifts will be returned to all the Starseeds and Starhelpers and the cream of the Light Workers - to all the Star Children, that is. Also, to all those many volunteers in our midst from 4th density worlds or 5th density realms - to those who came reincarnating to Earth for unselfishly helping others.

"During these coming years there shall be a massive awakening and quickening of consciousness. There shall be a great stirring and soaring as you begin to remember. You shall remember far be­yond the sphere of earthly embodiments. You shall reach out to the stars, the most distant galaxies, to other-dimensional realms wherein lies humankind's true origins and purpose.

"You Star Children are the pioneers into the new world of harmony and order. The work you are doing inside your own lives is easing the way for all humanity, making this journey of self-trans­formation and self-realization much easier for those who would follow. And so it is that your Light will call them forth, that your Light will show them the way. Thus the increasing Armies of Light will expand and cover the Earth, and the darkness shall flee...

"For there is a new world coming. A whole new world order, a more joyous existence in Love and Harmony, along with Freedom from want..."


Waving farewell to us - to his audience of countless thousand participants, Quentin's holo-projected form faded away. The solemn occasion was over. Soon afterwards I was beamed down to Earth, back unnoticed into the driver seat of my locked car. It was close to 12 o'clock noon by my radio's time check. Thus ended the 'Rainbow Ship' incident. I was back on Earth again - yet in soul I was still up somewhere in the velvet black vault of deep space. A bright new Earth's picture was strongly imprinted on my mind. My heart was aglow with the hope and the light of a wonderful future for our Planet Earth.