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(Excerpt from "About My Space Friends")


As a consequence of the eons past Great Cosmic War between the Forces of Light and Forces of Darkness, through the unleashed titanic energies, countless million worlds of our Multiverse were destroyed. Even the very fabric of whole realms were shattered into many fragmented dimensions, with the newly formed crack lines becoming permanent barriers. The formerly natural, near-instant cosmic travels and communications were no longer possible.

Recovery from that war had been slow and remained partial only. But life prevailed as usual. The few surviving worlds - human and alien alike – rebuilt: some from the salvaged remnants to a comfortable median, some from complete scratch to a primitive restart. Thus, after many millenia, most of the affected worlds had attained flourishing civilizations of various degrees. Most all of them were spacefaring again, even if just on a modest scale.

Trading and exchanges were springing up again between planets and starsystems. In several parts, whole regions were already linking up with other ones, forming some initial inter-regional alliances. Such one region was the Psychean Federation of Worlds, which even initiated the growth of great conglomerations to comprise a self-contained sector - later to be designated as Federation Sector 11. For this was where the Greater Federation (fully titled the Interdimensional Federation of Free Worlds) with its 33 vast sectors was finally formed, through the suggestion and guidance of the cosmic facilitators from the Council of the Guardians (for the Forces of the Light, that is).

These Guardians, the Elder Brothers of humankind in all systems became dedicated to prevent another cosmic scale devastation and to protect against the Dark Forces. These Guardians of the Council under the Grand Masters exist and function 'outride' the multiverse structures, in the uppermost regions of a totally non-physical plane beyond space and time. They are incorporeal beings, occasionally manifesting in their abode as beings of light. From their etherial abode they guide the proper functioning and evolving of our human worlds in whatever cosmic realm our particular homes may be. This they do in full accord with the many separate guiding 'etherial hier­archies' of other alien life forms, for the sake of harmonious coexistence and a lasting cosmic peace.

Thus, a few hundred millenia ago in a remote part of our multiverse, the Greater Federation was born to administer the affairs of its human world-systems. And so did Sector 11 and its core of Psychean Worlds became the Greater Federation's center sector with a governing planet named Xanthius. The Federation's 33 sectors are made up from a grand total of 5000 major world-center planets, plus a hundred times that many planets still untouched or undeveloped. (One sectorial participant is the Confederation of the Milky Way Galaxy, represented by Ashtar Command in regards with planet Earth's evolving towards possible Federation membership.)


The Galactic Confederation, like many other Federation sectors can have a certain amount of standardization; however, even they do not have a perfectly full standardization from one end to the other. They contain many diverse systems, cultures, technologies and procedures. Most worlds are not even willing to adopt the ways of other worlds. What for? They have perfectly well functioning space travel and technologies. And above all, the degree of 'progress' and efficiency is far less important, than the quality and purpose of sentient life - with the highest common goal being the spiritualization of each homeworld towards ever higher vibratory realms. Each sector is completely autonomous in every way, but have representation on the Federation's capital planet Xanthius. Otherwise there are no links or exchanges between the sectors, which aids independent growth and progress without external influences. Rare exceptions to adopt a new 'outside' method are being decided by the Sector Representative, mostly in matters of the utmost humanitarian concern. Although Federation populations are predominantly humans, there are large segments or alien races with many member worlds or associating worlds. All membership is on a voluntary basis and by referendum.

Artist's impression from our Milky Way Galaxy


In all its sectors, the Federation had ages ago reached a peak of technological development. Raw materials supply and shipping, manufacturing, agriculture had become fully automated. The same had happened with medicine, transportation, service industries.

There still remained human overseers and managers, directors and coordinators - especially in human affair departments. Besides, many localities would still prefer human chefs and headwaiters directing the android labor; humans for chief medical officers, police chiefs, judges, executive ad­ministrators. Yet all these put together employed far less than one percent of the population. But for billions upon billions there was nothing to do, no purpose to exist. Drudgery and toil had ended, but so had striving. High standard of living guaranteed income was universal. Matter of fact, in most sectors money was no longer existent.

General consumer goods and services could be obtained freely, without limitations; likewise with the use of transports, vacationing, recreational or educational facilities. In their basic schooling up to age 18, people were thought to understand their world, utilize their talents and learn creative skills, develop a wholesome outlook and a responsible attitude towards themselves and society - and above all, to strive for excellence and spiritual transcendence. People were encouraged to participate in sports, arts and crafts, community activities.

Still, there were societal problems. Not everybody could accept the panacea of invented usefulness and 'occupational therapies'. Some people would rather struggle, compete, fight to gain a 'true satisfaction'. These discontented ones had the option of trying to excel real hard in any field of their choosing, or to ship out to live primitive lives on an assortment of remote planets, to make it 'real big' and to become super rich and living in their custom built own fantasy lands. All these and other eccentrities were being tolerated by the system, excepting harmful aberrations.

Instead of conventional police, there were well programmed android 'peace enforcers' to ensure trouble free social interacting. The enforcement measures were subject to a local all-human jury's instruction. Incidentally, androids were humanoid robots built to serve humans in every conceivable way, had limited self awareness, and were made to wear out in less than 30 years as not to cause any 'humanitarian dilemma' in the long run.

Communities - small or large, planetary or regional - were served by local administrators to ensure abundant supplies and services. These administrators, like all 'job holders' were human volunteer workers for work's sake, but also compensated by reward incentives - like unique gifts and rare pieces of art or other memorabilia.

The Federation had no government in a conventional sense. Instead, they had a body of non-authoritarian civil service to guide society's smooth functioning in every way on every level. In case of snags, citizen juries were formed to resolve the particular issues. This always worked out in a liberal and democratic manner, with plenty of common sense. People were advanced enough to make the system work; besides, grade 4 and grade 5 facilitators safeguarded the due process.

Every community had its assortment of free housing, shopping outlets, schools, sporting facilities, recreation and entertainment complexes, adult learning & development centers, meditation halls and spiritual temples.

People held the general belief in the great cosmic ONE - the ONE impartial and benign towards all life in Creation. There were no major formalized religions - but people were free to join or form any such group - provided it caused no harm or interference in the basic freedom of others.

Marriages were on renewable contract basis. People had the right to have one child per person in their lifetime, in adherence to a strictly enforced population control. The Guardians and the Federation did not want unbridled expansion either population- or territory-wise. Instead, quality of life, and the individual's freedom plus well-being were held as the ideological foundation for 'governing' practices.

The Council of Guardians

The worlds of the Federation are unified in spirit; are guided by the faraway Council of the Guardians suprabody. These worlds are linked together and protected by the Federation Spacefleet - under Spacefleet Command in cooperation with Federation authorities, but accountable only to the Council of the Guardians. The Guardians keep in touch with these worlds and with Federation Spacefleet through their observing and advising 'cosmic facilitators'. Each planet has grade 4 facilitators as observers. And to ensure overall smooth functioning, several grade 5 facilitators - of which grade Quentin is one - keep monitoring the system and keep reporting to the Guardian Council's august body of grade 6 and 7 stature.

Often before their appointment, the facilitator candidates already had extended life spans, along with a great variety of experiences and achievements. A facilitator's carreer is a challenging and fulfilling life. The honor of the formal appointment is administered by the Council of the Guardians. In due time and subject to the individual's having developed the appropriate skills and qualifications, a grade 4 could step up to grade 5 - and after countless millenia, even to grade 6 in the Council's executive branch (which is predominantly incorporeal state, with occasional 'embodied' venturings into the physical realm in cases of great crisis).

Interstellar Travelling

Now, let me explain the various speeds and dimensions. Quentin switched to another kind of topic. Besides the standard sublight 'impulse' speeds on close approach, there are the supra-light speeds available at will for all Federation space vehicles through hyper-space travel.

For passenger liners, freighters, other commercial and civilian craft, this supralight cruising speed is 200 C (200 times the speed of light, that is). For Spacefleet Starships and top priority government ships the supralight cruising speed is 500 C. In view that 1 C = the speed of light was once believed the ultimate speed limit, these several hundred C speeds are incredibly swift - yet prohibitively 'slow' for interstellar or intergalactic distances.

For example, your lens shaped Milky Way home-galaxy with its hundred billion stars is 20,000 light years 'thick' and 100,000 light years in diameter, with neighboring Andromeda Galaxy being 2 million light years distant. And what with the hundred billions of farther galaxies in your home universe alone; what with the many other universes, other dimensions, other levels and realms in this known but mostly uncharted multiverse of ours alone in the unfathomably grandiose Cosmos.


Federation Beamships passing a Space Gate; Image of a Star Gate from Science Fiction TV show "STARGATE" 

The Space Gates Transportation System

The Federation's loosely knit commonwealth of many thousand starsystems in the various galaxies and in other dimensions as well, does span 33 vast sectors of our home multiverse in this infinite cosmos. To travel these formidable distances with even faster than supralight cruising, we also have access to the near-instant transit of interstellar jumps for all the vessels, via the so-called Star Gates which exist about 100 light years apart within each sector, thus cutting 'door to door' travel time down to several weeks at the most (to while away by induced sleep as an option). Star Gates are artificially developed. The potential Gates are found at locations of peculiar warps in the space/time continuum - which then are augmented by manmade power-feedback boosters. The Gates are being operated and maintained by robots and computerized equipment, and are all having programmable selection of destination to another similar gate inside the Sector. To access other-dimensional Fede­ration Sectors, Space Fleet vessels are equipped to go through the so-called 'interdimensional transit windows' naturally abundant in most star systems.

Then there are the Galaxy Gates, of course (2 or 3 of them within each Federation Sector), those strangely complex anomalies capable of instantaneously transporting a starship from one galaxy to another - which anomalies concealed in mazes of strong gravitational turbulences are bound to tear a regular spaceship to pieces. Therefore, only the special-monitoring equipped and heavy duty Space Fleet vessels are fit to pinpoint and accurataly go through these catapults of superjumps between such awesome intergalactic distances.

The most efficient mode of communication developed up to date is the 'ultra-space' transmission at 10,000 C speed, even routed through the Star Gate grid's auto-relay system if needed, or shot via relay-probe through a Galaxy Gate. At the most, it could take half a day for a message from a most remote point to some Command Center.

Interdimensional Window Areas on Earth

Geomagnetical spiral vortex; "window-area" - can be used as interdimensional portal


Locations of the interdimensional transit zones on Earth

Region State/Continent Notes

Lake Ontario


Marysburgh Vortex, Sophiasburgh

Triangle, Huntsville region

Lake Erie


Minor Window

Rocky Mountains


Minor Window






Arctic Sea

Gobi Desert





North-East China

Sea of Japan




Australia/South Pacific

Near Melbourne


New Sealand/South Pacific   

Minor Window





USA/North Pacific



Interdimensional portals ("window areas") on Earth

Dimensions and Vibratory Realms

Besides your home-dimension, there are many other dimensions as well, which exist side by side or even partially overlap. All these dimensions are having physically similar realities, yet are undetectable to each other because of their different frequency 'ranges'.

Dimensions do also exist in lower or higher frequency 'bands'. For any sentient life form, either 'up-banding' or 'down-banding' is extremely difficult, often requiring specialized vessels and/or assisted boostings. For these 'bands' are actually different world-orders of various existence levels on the cosmic evolutionary scale - different densities of separate Vibratory Realms (VR), that is. Earth and its visible universe with the myriad galaxies is of mid-range VR 3 (3rd Density), Psycheans and many Federation Worlds are at high range VR 3 or lower range VR 4.

These vibratory realms are onion skin like layers of spheres within spheres, yet well isolated from each other by their quantum leaps of drasticaly higher or lower frequency bands. The substance of these realms and their dwellers are incompetible with each other (like solids to etherics, fire to water): the dwellers have no use for each other's technologies, could not take objects or tools across the barriers, and could at best exert a tenuous cross-influence an indirect way only. Cross-travellers therefore are strictly on their own, have to blend in and use local means only."